Agile Visual Analytics Lab (AVAL)

The Agile Visual Analytics Lab empowers stakeholders to use evaluation data to make more timely and sound program and policy decisions. This goal is accomplished by putting vital information into the hands of stakeholders in the form of data visualizations. This site is a primary conduit through which AVAL project stakeholders engage with data.

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Evaluation reporting is routinely disseminated to diverse stakeholder groups, through innovative approaches to data visualization (see examples above), narrative reports, presentations, and small group meetings. For more information about, or access to data visualization such as those on this page, please contact the Director of Evaluation – Robert Blagg (

Viz Blog!

Unlocking the Potential in Your Workforce Data

Communicating complex ideas to diverse stakeholders is central to reliable decision making.  Stakeholders may vary greatly in their interest, familiarity, or expertise with data regarding a policy, program, or practice. Well-designed data visualizations provide a platform for engaging stakeholders in ways that are tailored to their interest, familiarity, and expertise. However, research indicates that visualizations […]